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Do you regularly shop in the Reinkenstraat? With a Reinkenstraat Savings Card you can collect points for extra discounts & lovely surprises! It’s an extra way for the participating shopkeepers, restaurant, café and bar owners to show you their appreciation for being such a loyal customer to our lovely street.

Each shop (and business) has its own reward points

You save points at each place where you shop and you can exchange these points at that very same shop for special offers and great gifts. The Reinkenstraat Savings Card registers exactly how many points you have saved in each shop. Handy! There are lots of participating shops and you only need 1 card. That saves a lot of room in your purse! You will recognise the participating shops, cafés, restaurants and bars by the Reinkenstraat sticker on the window. You can buy your Savings Card here for just €5 – and this will include free points to get you started - so you have already started saving! Increasingly more shopkeepers are now joining in with the savings scheme so find your favourite shops (in Dutch) and see which ones are part of the scheme through the Reinkenstraat Savings Card logo on the photo.

With your Reinkenstraat Savings Card you will receive:

– 1 reward point for every euro that you spend. – Exclusive discounts, products, services or special arrangements. – Invitations to Reinkenstraat VIP parties. – Mail from your favourite shops with personal offers (if requested). – A Newsletter with great offers and the latest news. – A nice surprise on your Birthday. – Special offers throughout the year.

How does it work?reinkenstrklantenpas (3)

– You ask for a card from a participating shop, café, restaurant or bar. – Your card will be linked to your e-mail address and you start saving straight away. – Sign in by clicking on the Log In button below to see how many points you have saved. You can also see how many points you have saved at any of the participating shops, cafés, restaurants or bars. You will receive information about the many discounts and special offers via an email, and of course they will be on display in the shops, cafés, restaurants and bars! So keep on coming to the Reinkenstraat for inspiration and nice surprises. You can log in below to see how many points you have on your Savings Card. You can also amend your personal details. If you don’t already have a Reinkenstraat Savings Card, get one now from one of the participating shops, cafés, restaurants or bars in the Reinkenstraat. You will recognise them by the sticker on the window.