The Best Street in the Netherlands for Spare Ribs

  • 17 June 2015
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Update 22nd June: Scharrelslager 't Oude Ambacht finished 3th place!

Who makes the best spare ribs in the Netherlands? From the hundred entries that this competition received, the ten finalists have now been announced and two of them are in The Hague. Better still: both butchers are just 50 metres away from one another – in the Reinkenstraat, of course! posthoorn reinkenstraat sparerib 19-5-15 web 650 Finalist Peter-Jan van den Broek: “It is bizarre, and at the same time great, that our shops are so close to one another. It says something about this street. When the ten names were announced we immediately congratulated one another, went out for a beer together and raised our glasses to the winners.” Congratulations on gaining your place in the final Slagerij P.J. Van den Broek & Scharrelslager 't Oude Ambacht! Spareribs scharrelslager AD 17-6

Reinkenstraat website in English

  • 29 May 2015
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eng-vlag-miniminiThis Reinkenstraat website is now available in English. Soon with more information about the International Market. So keep your eye on our site! To switch languages: click on the flags at the top of the page.

International Market: culinary, artistic and cultural trip around the world!

  • 28 May 2015
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UPDATE: International Market was a huge success!

We have had a lot of enthusiastic comments from customers, local residents and the local business people about the International Market. It was indeed a fabulous, busy day with lots going on in the street. It is estimated that some 7,500 -10,000 people attended the event. There were so many different things from cider to Indian wine, from water buffalo hamburgers to coconut macaroons, from Aikido to yoga and plenty more. And what an atmosphere! This was the perfect way to encourage people to visit the Reinkenstraat! Photo's of the International Market in the Reinkenstraat: website of Kreativ Events.  im kreativevents1 im kreativevents2   im draaimolenOn Sunday 14th June, for the very first time, there will be an International Market in the Reinkenstraat; more than 50 stalls with culinary, artistic and cultural products and activities from all over the world! im tassen, kleding, sieraden The programme includes: a Food Corner, a KIDS Corner, LIVE music including a bagpiper, a DJ who will be spinning discs for us, an old fashioned carousel, freshly made mini pancakes, a bar specialising in Asian wine, a wine bar, soaps from Morocco, French delicacies, yoga demonstrations and lots, lots more! Take a walk along the Reinkenstraat between 10 o’clock and 5 o’clock on Sunday and enjoy this lovely, international, culinary festival! See you soon in the Reinkenstraat! => Visit International Market on Facebook [click on the poster to enlarge it] International Market Reinkenstraat 650

Opening W’IJS Food & Drink

  • 19 May 2015
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wijs logowijs opening Tuesday, 2nd April saw the grand opening of W’IJS Food & Drink at Reinkenstraat 61. This fabulous new café is a true feast for anyone who loves coffee, fresh juices, delicious treats and especially …. ICE-CREAM! Read more about W'IJS (in Dutch)

 King’s Day 2015: Children’s Market and Stage Performances


Photo's King's Day 2015

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  This year the Reinkenstraat – together with the Local Residents Committee – is again organising a King’s Day celebration. After all the fabulous feed-back we got from last year we simply had to do it again! Continue reading

‘The Fabulously Charming Reinkenstraat’, by Marcel Verreck

  • 17 April 2015
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marcel verreck For his Couperian Refinement newspaper column, “The Duinoord area – living, breathing history” (Couperiaanse verfijning: Duinoord ademt geschiedenis), performer and writer, Marcel Verreck took a stroll along the Reinkenstraat: The long, crooked Obrechtstraat, which the young racing driver, Michael Boogerd used to eagerly cruise down when headed for the dunes, leads you to the shopping heart of Duinoord, the fabulously charming Reinkenstraat. A smaller version of the famous ‘Fred’ shopping street with a fine assortment of unusual little shops, cafés, restaurants and bars, such as the Augustus bistro, the child-friendly Ziani pizzeria and De Sampan, for great, very tasty Thai food. For more Asian food with a lovely assortment of wines there is also Kruid en Druif, a name that is perfect practice material for speaking in the accent that typifies The Hague. It will be of no surprise to anyone that there is an abundance of wine and cheese in this area. But there is so much more than that in the Reinkenstraat. Bakers, including one owned by the Hessing brothers, the creators of the ‘Haagse kakker’ (a delicious currant teacake filled with almond paste), a regular and a biological butcher, several florists, including Studio 31, a shoemaker, the ‘Colette’ antique bookshop, currently displaying a selection of Charlie Hebdo editions since the magazine has gained worldwide fame, a pet shop and another shop selling animals – but then in a different way – the ‘Blub’ fish shop. Discover the rest of the wide range of shops for yourself, but do include a stop-off at the lovely little park, ‘Sunny Court’ in your visit. The entrance is around the corner at the end of the rounded row of houses, just off the Laan van Meerdervoort. There used to be a steam tram line here, which explains the wide gap between the rows of houses. Local residents have put in a lot of effort to create this wonderful little park. The name ‘Sunny Court’ dates back to the Sixties when there were tennis courts here. In the winter they were flooded with water so that children could skate on them. Now there are little benches to sit on and a playground. This little oasis in the middle of the city is open during the day and is looked after by volunteers. Wander back along the Reinkenstraat to where it snuggles up to the Sweelinckplein and enjoy again the many benefits of Duinoord. And if you are lucky enough to live here – well, just enjoy it! Read the whole article, “Couperiaanse verfijning: Duinoord ademt geschiedenis” (Couperian Refinement: The Duinoord area – living, breathing history), published in the Den Haag Centraal newspaper on 6th February, 2015, on Marcel Verreck’s website. antiquariaat Colette foto den haag centraal Liza Letsch

Easter in the Reinkenstraat

  • 1 April 2015
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Pasen 2015-01

Hunt, puzzle, create, decorate eggs …

This coming Saturday, 4th April it’s going to be one big Easter Party for all of your children in the Reinkenstraat. From 12.00 until 14.00 children can turn up at our Creative Fun Terrace and sign themselves up for a Treasure Hunt, searching for letters to solve a puzzle. Once they have done this, they will be given an egg to decorate beautifully on our Creative Fun Terrace. Sometime after 14.00 there will even be a surprise for their parents!!!