‘Aan Tafel’ in de Reinkenstraat

  • 17 August 2017
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A presentation of beautiful culinary dishes, foodtrucks, music and cosiness for young and old!
After the success of last year, the second edition is on the agenda, the delicious foodtruck festival: AAN TAFEL IN DE REINKENSTRAAT! Sunday 27th august 14.00 until 20.00 p.m.
Cozy together to celebrate the end of the summer holiday culinary!
Enjoy the tasty snacks and drinks from the local shopkeepers. Of course there is a cool foodtruck line-up in the planning!
In addition, there is of course cozy music, there are plenty of tables to enjoy your meal and sitting. There is plenty to do this day for young and old!
At this cozy event there are of course a number of hugs for the shoppers among us.

Please till August 27 in the reinkenstraat !!!
If you have questions, you can send an email to: communicatie@reinkenstraat.nl

Romantic Christmas Market in the Reinkenstraat

  • 25 November 2016
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foto rob verhoeven Update: Watch the video of the Christmas Market in the Reinkenstraat, from Kreativ Events (Facebook)


Christmas presents, ideas for dinner, drinks and music …

On Sunday 11th December we are again holding a lovely, lively and romantic Christmas Market, all lit up by the Christmas lights in the Reinkenstraat. Stroll around the multitude of Christmas stalls and Christmas trees and sample the special Christmas treats and drinks. Get inspired with great ideas for your Christmas dinner and treat yourself to the most delicious of dishes. Of course there will also be lots of original Christmas presents on offer!

Live Christmas Nativity Scene and Father Christmas will be dropping by!

Whilst you are enjoying the Christmas music and our Christmas choir, with drink in hand, your children will be astounded by the live Christmas nativity scene, they can ride the carrousel, have their faces painted or take part in a game. And, of course, Father Christmas will be joining us at the Christmas Market in the Reinekenstraat! “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!” reinkenstraat-poster

Halloween!! Monday 31st october 16.00 – 18.00

  • 3 October 2016
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  14595686_1162429527185206_8014458048207842703_n 14695499_781514121980762_1768453133337849084_n 14718762_1162429217185237_4860429537755678410_n 14731173_1162429053851920_4146979120231830521_n14590391_1101213516622334_8147699599783323231_n 14915472_1294227843942321_6356870700906264786_n14581425_1269436189754820_3932151710077882859_n We are celebrating Halloween again in the Reinkenstraat! Walk down the street in your craziest fancy dress costume on Monday 31st October from 16.00 onwards and scare the shopkeepers silly!! Trick or treat!! halloween-dierenboetiek8

Saturday 1st & sunday 2nd october in Duinoord: Two Chefs Brewing

  • 28 August 2016
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duinoord two chiefs Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd October: Two Chefs Brewing in Lokaal Duinoord (see Facebook) On Saturday 1st October the guys from Two Chefs Brewing are taking over our bar! We’ll be getting started at 17:30, offering a 5 course dinner, together with 5 of the Two Chefs beers and after 21:00 we’ll be partying on into the night with no less than 8 of the Two Chefs beer taps on offer! Please note: We have some good news and some bad news! The bad news (for a lot of people) is that the dinner on 1st October is already FULLY BOOKED! We’ll still open from 21:00 to dance our way through the night, handing out High Fives!!! The good news is that Sanne from Two Chefs will be staying over in The Hague and will therefore be back in the kitchen with Roep (and an enormous hangover) on the 2nd October to cook an extra dinner for us! And there are still tickets available for this day so if you would like to join us …… hurry up and call us or call in 070 743 0000!

Craftbeer festival Lokaal Duinoord: what a party!

craftbeerfest-duinoord-foto1     craftbeerfest-duinoord-foto4 craftbeerfest-duinoord-foto3 craftbeerfest-duinoord-foto2duinoord craftbeer festival poster   Come and taste beer! Sunday 4th september between 14.00 and 21.00 o'clock. Live on stage: Ragmob! entrance fee €5 - including  tasting glass. [click to enlarge the image)] Visit the event on facebook  

Reinkenstraat’s Open Air Restaurant: ‘Come Dine With Us!’

  • 20 August 2016
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  aan tafel denhaagcom fotoaan-tafel-met-logo-web

Sunday 28th August: ‘Come dine with us in the Reinkenstraat!’

On Sunday 28th August, the Reinkenstraat in the Duinoord area will be transformed into one big, summery, lively, open air restaurant. The owners of all the places along this fabulous shopping street are very proud to invite you to “Come Dine With Us!” Between 14.00 and 22.00 you can come and join us with your friends and family and enjoy the music, fun and lots of delicious, home-made culinary dishes: starters, main courses, desserts, drink and much, much more!!! Everything will be served in small portions so that you can share and try everything on offer, together.

This is not your standard food truck festival

ijs van wijs“It will be the best food festival The Hague has ever seen!” That is what the Reinkenstraat restauranteurs and shopkeepers are telling us. And we’re sure that they will be able to do as promised when you see how many prizes and awards these entrepreneurs have won over the years. “Come dine with us in the Reinkenstraat” will certainly not be your standard food (truck) festival. Entrance to the event is free of charge – you only pay for what you eat and drink. There is a special menu / flyer specifying all the different things there are to choose from.

Menu with lots of choice

wagyu burger casave chips iki bierThe choice on the menu stretches from ‘chicken and chips with apple sauce’ to a brioche roll with ‘rilettes de canard’ and blackcurrant coulis. You will also find a Wagyu burger served with iKibier, oysters, beef carpaccio, snacks from Suriname, ‘flammkuchen’, summer salads, all kinds of chicken dishes, Italian ice cream, a cheese board, the famous Haagse Kakker….. and so much more. To drink you will find specialty beers, a great wine bar, the very best Gin & Tonic, special teas and coffee, a bio bar and a cocktail bar.

Music from the 80s and pasta workshops

As well as all of these fabulous culinary delights there will also be an Eighties Party with DJ Fat S. There’s a pasta workshop and the children can have the time of their lives on the bouncy castle or playing games, such as a life-sized Mikado. There’s everything that you need to enjoy a fabulous, summer culinary festival in The Hague! Come along and enjoy this summer gastronomic food festival with us in The Hague! Click on the menu to enlarge it: FLYER-DEFINITIEF-AAN-TAFEL-2WEB

Sunday 28th August: ‘Come dine with us in the Reinkenstraat!’

  • 25 July 2016
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aan tafel denhaagcom foto aan-tafel-met-logo-webThere are so many top-quality, privately-owned businesses in the Reinkenstraat in the Duinoord area of the city that the owners have decided to turn the whole street into a Summer Open Air Restaurant for the day - on Sunday, 28th August. You are invited to ‘come dine with us’. The Reinkenstraat hosts are going to make sure it will be ‘The Finest Food Festival in The Hague’ on 28th August. ‘Come dine with us in the Reinkenstraat’ won’t be simply a standard (truck) festival.

Come along and enjoy this summer gastronomic food festival with us in The Hague!

From 14.00 until 22.00 you will be able to choose from a huge variety of delicious snacks, drinks, starters, main courses, desserts and many more culinary delights! Come along and enjoy this summer gastronomic food festival with us in The Hague! Would you like more information? Keep your eye on this website and / or sign up for our newsletter. Any questions? evenementen@reinkenstraat.nl

Foots’ Car Treasure Hunt – Sunday 3rd July

foots puzzelrit On Sunday, 3rd July Café Foots will be organising their fourth car treasure hunt for the shoppers, residents and friends of the Reinkenstraat! Sign yourself up for it right away! When: Sunday 3rd July, 2015 Where: Meet at Cafe Foots - Reinkenstraat Time: Breakfast 09.00 Price: € 27.50 per person.

Indonisian Buffet

Once everyone is safely back at Café Foots about 3, 4 or 5 hours later, depending on how quickly the participants work out the clues, the day will be completed with a prize-giving and a fabulous Indonisian Buffet! Ask all of your friends and colleagues to join you! Sign up as soon as you can at the Bar! Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, 3rd July, 2016! Read more about this event on Facebook

International Market: sunday 12th june in the Reinkenstraat

  • 12 June 2016
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 Photos 2016 im kreativevents1    

Culinary, artistic and cultural trip around the world!


This year, Sunday 14th June, the International Market in Reinkenstraat is again offering Music, Art, Food and Drink, local and international products from across the globe. From cider to Indian wine, from water buffalo hamburgers to French delicacies, Greek ceramics , soaps from Morocco, South-American jewellery, yoga demonstrations, activities for children....You name it! In short, the International Market in Reinkenstraat offers a culinary, artistic and cultural world trip, right here in The Hague! Take a walk along the Reinkenstraat between 11 o’clock and 18 o’clock on Sunday and enjoy this lovely, international, culinary festival! Reinkenstraat is located in Duinoord, at the Laan van Meerdervoort. Nearby tram 11 and Randstadrail 3. Sunday at daytime: free parking in Duinoord.

foto: dannys fotos


Voyage culinaire, artistique et culturel autour du monde

L’International Market dans la Reinkenstraat propose cette année à nouveau de la musique, de quoi boire et manger, des produits locaux et internationaux du monde entier. Allant du cidre aux vins indiens, d’hamburgers de buffle d’eau à de la céramique grecque, de délicieux mets français, des vins asiatiques, des savons du Maroc, des bijoux d’Amérique du sud, etc…   Cette année, il y a aussi à nouveau différentes activités pour les enfants. Bref, l’International Markt dans la Reinkenstraat propose un voyage culinaire, artistique et culturel autour du monde, tout simplement ici à La Haye ! im kreativevents2

Eine kulinarische, künstlerische und kulturelle Weltreise

Der International Market in der Reinkenstraat bietet in diesem Jahr wieder Musik, Essen und Trinken, lokale und internationale Produkte aus aller Welt. Von Cidre bis hin zu indischen Weinen, von Wasserbüffelhamburgern bis hin zu griechischer Keramik, französischen Köstlichkeiten, asiatischen Weinen, Seifen aus Marokko, südamerikanischem Schmuck, usw... In diesem Jahr gibt es auch wieder mehrere Aktivitäten für Kinder. Kurz und gut, der International Market in der Reinkenstraat bietet eine kulinarische, künstlerische und kulturelle Weltreise, und das einfach hier in Den Haag.   Nederlands? zie http://reinkenstraat.nl/international-market-zondag-12-juni/

Reinkenstraat on denhaag.com

  • 17 May 2016
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Denhaagcom1web "Reinkenstraat is located precisely between the centre of The Hague and Scheveningen beach. Surrounded by beautiful town houses and large trees, this is the shopping street in the Hague district of Duinoord. This authentic shopping street is the perfect place to soak up the atmosphere and obviously enjoy some fine shopping." You can read more on the website denhaag.com; the website of The Hague Marketing. Den Haag Marketing is an independent umbrella marketing organization for the promotion of The Hague, Scheveningen and Kijkduin. Denhaag.com supplies complete and reliable tourist & cultural information and nightlife tips. Visit the Reinkenstraat page on denhaag.com